Alain is a Dutch statistician and author living and working in the Scottish highlands. Where could he find an unusual and bold engagement ring to propose, within a tight deadline, unable to visit any jewellers owing to his remote setting? Alain searched online for inspiration, and finding my website he discovers that his future fiancée loves my bubble designs and in particular is taken with the silver and gold bubble cocktail rings set with large vibrant coloured gems stones. Alain emails me, then having spoken on the phone, we establish that despite being at other ends of the British Isles to each other, we can work and communicate well together.

The client requires the ring to be completely yellow gold and with a very large blue emerald-cut rectangular stone – the colour of the Caribbean Sea, where his fiancée is from. I source a selection of gorgeous turquoise Swiss blue topaz – 14mm x 10mm emerald cuts and send photographs for Alain to choose his favourite.

I then scan my sketched and coloured designs with prices to my client via email and is very happy with the combination and the look and wishes to proceed as soon as possible.

The 50% deposit is paid via bank transfer so that I may start the process of creating the ring to meet my client’s deadline. We liase further to comfirm finger size and finalising the width of the band and the finish. Finally the stunning ring is ready to be posted by Special Delivery to Alain as he flies to Tobago to propose. When he first recieves the ring he emails me to comment, “When I looked at it....I realised it looks a very powerful ring.... The yellow gold and the sky-blue so good together.” Upon reaching his destination, Alain planned his proposal on a yacht on the Caribbean Sea, and she said...


To be continued....!