Victorious Festival

So having attended Victorious Festival several times with friends and family - and really enjoying the atmosphere, the great music and creativity - we were delighted to have been given the opportunity to have a stand in a secure wooden hut through Portsea Trading Company. It was the perfect setting for getting ourselves known to a wider audience whilst having a lot of fun ourselves (see our tagline #jewellery for life!) Being involved in local events and collaborating with other independent businesses has always been part of our ethos. 

We know that people do not usually expect to see bespoke or high-end jewellery when at a festival, so we brainstormed what we could do to attract people to our stand, to meet people, introduce ourselves and our designs. It was from this the idea of our competition was born. We then set about deciding what to create and as our Seabirds are one of our best-sellers, relate to Southsea, and seagulls are in some of the Victorious Festival branding - we thought it would be the perfect way to create something spectacular! 

We wanted to use the finest materials and to showcase the skills and talents of our incredible team. We documented each stage from original hand-drawn sketches, to piercing out the individual shapes, soldering it all, working out the diamond placement and drilling, hand making the gallery behind and then final pain-staking micro-pave setting! 

And what a piece! We had so much interest and people were really excited, bringing all their friends in to take part in the draw. Our winner couldn't have been more lovely or more delighted - she is from Southsea although not an existing customer. Clare and her husband came in with a thank you bottle of Champagne which was so kind and it is fantastic to know that the Seabirds will be so treasured and enjoyed.

Clare said: "To win something is amazing, but to win something bespoke and made locally is very special. I love the story behind it."

This is what our jewellery is all about - whether our ready-to-wear collections in Silver, Sumptuous Statement rings or our finest Platinum and Diamond pieces - it's all Jewellery for Life - celebration, thanksgiving, cherishing those special people, occasions and memories which bring love and life!