We transformed our Castle Road boutique into a Moroccan souk for the day as we launch our new hot and spicy Autumn/Winter collection. A year in the making from concept to completion - we  have been planning and designing and experimenting with techniques for this range this since last Christmas.


Lattice-inspired Lariats, chokers and earrings. Embellished bracelets and regal rings bejewelled with an array of spicy gemstones.

We loved the idea of using different colours and textures to emphasise the lattice effect and depth. We originally experimented with gold leaf inlaid within the segments, however we soon discovered that it did not adhere properly and although it looked really effective, it remained sticky and impermanent. So then we looked into gold plating which is something I have always avoided as I have never wanted to sell jewellery which would not last longterm. However by plating with solid 18ct yellow gold onto Sterling Silver by hand with a fine stylus attached to our electro plating machine, means that we can be assured that the gold will not get wear and tear so you can be assured of quality of the finish for many years. The technical term for gold plating onto silver is Vermeil, as it is called gold plate when onto a base metal surface.