When our customer commissioned a handcrafted Sterling Silver box, without compromise, we did our best to make sure that is exactly what we delivered!  


 A word from our Goldsmith - "To make the box, eleven Sterling Silver pieces were cut out and formed in the required shapes for soldering together. 



When soldering silver, fire stain can occur due to the oxidisng of the copper, alloyed with the pure silver to make it workable, when the heat is applied...

...So the pieces were coated in argotect, a chemical that restricts fire stain, but causes the flame to burn bright green!"


We were so pleased with the result and so was our customer - Niki King's Story!

"Having had a few beautiful pieces of jewellery from Charlotte we decided to ask her to make a special silver box for our new Granddaughter.  We had a family heirloom we wanted to give to her and also thought it could be a special box for her as she begins to acquire her own jewellery.

Charlotte spent a long time with us trying to find out exactly what we wanted and to work around how this would fit in our budget.  Just looking at the designs developing over time was delightful and very exciting too.  We felt part of this process every step of the way  The end product, as you can see, is amazing, complete with our Granddaughter's name hand engraved in Greek.  The box is a piece of jewellery in itself".



What will yours be?  -  If you have a design idea in mind and would like to chat or get further advice from our friendly team, we are always happy to help!    

You can contact us on: 02392863516/07880705981  -  or email us today at - charlotte@charlottecornelius.co.uk