Quote from an online customer this month on receipt of her ring above: "I have received my beautiful cocktail ring today. It looks absolutely amazing, I am really thrilled with it and will be wearing it with great pride. It is a special gift from my husband and it is perfect. You are a very talented jewellery designer. Many thanks once again , Jane x "

Then I saw this quote from Chanel on the wall of a changing room ...


It got me thinking  - did I agree with this comment?  Well when I thought about it - it has to be 'Yes" !  If you don't feel entirely comfortable then you will not project confidence and elegance and style - regardless of the brand, the materials, or how expensive your attire is! (Although there is one area where I really fall down - almost literally - and this is when it comes to wearing High Heeled Shoes - perhaps I need to re-evaluate!) So generally - I couldn't agree more with this quote from Chanel...

So - my next question to myself was... "Is this relevant to Charlotte Cornelius Jewellery ?" Again I have to agree with Chanel here. I love to imagine all of our clients throughout the years wearing their Bespoke and Ready-to-wear jewellery with great pleasure and confidence in the design and making of each individual piece. However that brought to mind the next question which was - "Conversely, could there be clients who are going through their day wearing a ring that no longer fits comfortably? Or even worse not wearing it at all because it is either swinging around loosely, or squeezing the life out of their finger which has expanded over the years?! Do you have a piece of jewellery with a setting that has been knocked and is now sharp or catching? "

This thought that well loved individually designed jewellery may be no longer feel luxurious saddens me,  so I want to take this opportunity to request that if you have a piece of Charlotte Cornelius Jewellery - however long you have owned it - and it is not 100% comfortable for whatever reason, please come back to me so that we can adjust that precious jewellery free of charge. ( Precious metal or Stone replacement will incur only a cost price) 

Whether it is a Bespoke Engagement or Wedding Ring or a Ready-to- Wear piece of jewellery of any description - please give me a call or drop in with your jewellery and we will do our utmost to reunite you with the original joy, comfort and feeling of luxury that you once had when you wore your Charlotte Cornelius Jewellery for the first time.