Many people never take their ring off after their wedding day. This is a romantic idea,  although sometimes after many years it can become a worry if your knuckle has swollen owing to arthritis or injury, or your finger has increased in size as are not quite as svelte as you once were! In the past if soap and water wouldn't do the trick then the only option was to get it cut off either by a jeweller - or if it becomes an emergency - the Fire Brigade or the hospital ! 

The contraption that is used to cut off the ring is rather medieval in look and causes quite a mess of the shank or band of your ring , it is generally not a clean cut and so will take quite a bit of repair to get back to being good as new. Some rings may even be irreperable if they have stones or other ornamentation.

So a few months ago when I saw a video ( I think set in India) of a man showing how to remove a mans wedding ring using string wrapped around the finger - I thought it was a brilliant idea , and could save some people alot of worry and trouble.  I have a client currently who has damaged her wedding ring having not taken it off for many years and now it needs repairing and yet is unable to remove it.

So I immediately suggested she tried this new string technique. Then I considered the fact that it may not work and how awful I would feel. So with my daughter home from uni for the Easter holidays - there was only one thing for it - lets try it ourselves! Iniitially I thought we would use cotton thread , however looking at the original video the string is a bit thicker so I bought some 50g Hemp cord and we used that. 

First I volunteered to be the guinea pig and my daughter wrapped my finger ( after I had forced a ring on to my right hand ring finger) and although it was not comfortable we were able to remove the ring - leaving a slightly red finger!

Owing to the fact that we were trying to video this experiment with our friend and colleague Claire , we decided we needed a finger that was more easily accessible. So we volunteered my daughter and we used her index finger. This time I wrapped her finger while Claire filmed. Much to everyone's relief it worked yet again. 

So who is up for giving it a try? Let me know if you have tried it yourself and what the results were, or whether you want me to help - We'd love to hear from you!  And it goes without saying, once it is removed we can repair and resize it for you!