Choosing Your Wedding Band Shape


First of all, congratulation on your engagement!   Next, it is time to start planning your wedding and of course your wedding bands.  If you are exchanging wedding rings at your ceremony as a symbol of your love, ensure they will be something to cherish forever.                                                                                                              

When picking out your wedding ring, there are more things to consider than just the diamond cut.  The shape of the band is an important factor, choosing something that not only compliments and fits around your engagement ring but is also comfortable!  

At The Wedding Secret we have come up with some advice on choosing a wedding band shape to match yor engagement ring.  This will hopefully offer some inspiration and guidance before starting the big search.

Before anything...

Before starting your 'quest' for the perfect wedding ring, are you going to have matching rings?  or will you choose rings to match your own style!   You do not want to settle on a ring that does not fit beautifully with you exsisting engagement ring.


Bear in mind the width of your wedding ring, rings should be chosen to look beautiful on your finger, comfort is also a key factor.

If your engagement ring is a thick cut band, we suggest your wedding ring be a smaller width in comparison so they fit comfortably together.   However, if your engagement ring is a thin band, you might want to go for a thicker cut wedding band.   Remember that simplicity compliments simplicity so you might find keeping both your engagement and wedding ring simple will keep your rings looking elegant and well matched.


Shape is another imprtant point to consider, it is vital that your rings fit perfectly together, this is when you may want to consider the benefits of getting a bespoke ring commissioned!

Court and D shaped

The most traditional ring shaped are Court and D shaped.  These are normaly simple plain bands.  Court shape bands are straight all the way around on the top and bottom, softly rounded on both the inside and outside of the ring for a very comfortable fit, this shape is a very popular choice which fits with most style of engagment ring.

D shaped bands are similar to Court but are flat on the inside.  The difference is very subtle but this ring shape creates a slight D shape.

Curved shape

Curved wedding bands are becoming incresingly popular with more demand on the fit around unusual and stone set engagement rings.  On getting the shaped wedding band correct the two rings can feel and look like one!

Chevron Band

These bands are often referred to as 'V' shaped wedding bands. These fit perfectly when you have an engagement ring with a pear shaped stone or diamond cut as they naturally fit together.

Cresent Band

This band is very similar to the Chevron but is curved instead of V shaped.  If you have an engagement rin gwith a single round precious stone this curve shape will fit snugly on the bottom half of the stone.  Alternatively the wedding ring can sit on the top half of the engagement ring.

Custom Fit

If you have an irregular shaped engagement ring and unable to find a wedding band to match, the best option would be to commission a bespoke ring to exactly match your specifications and requirements.

At Charlotte Cornelius Bespoke Jewellery Design you can ensure you get expert knowledge and design advice for your hand crafted wedding bands.  Price need not be a problem as they can also work to a customers budget, it is the perfect way to ensure you have rings that will sit in harmony forever!

We hope you have found this helpful -