Charlotte Cornelius

Paul & Hannahs Vintage style Engagement Ring

"..Charlotte worked tirelessly to find the best diamond for my money and then came up with an array of ring designs based on my preferences. We worked together to hone the design and Charlotte then brought the sketches to life with an amazing ring. My fiancée and I were delighted with the ring." Paul James

Paul wanted to propose with a custom made ring and he knew his future fiancée had very specific ideas. Namely that she wanted a solitaire engagement ring with an antique cut diamond without having an actual antique ring. So the brief was to make a ring that is vintage in style yet is a bespoke one off design.

We had been recommended to Paul by a client, and we communicated entirely via email and phone as he lives in London and was unable to travel to Hampshire owing to work commitments.

Paul had a variety of images to show me so from those I suggested using 18ct rose gold for the shank, white gold setting for the solitaire and we agreed that the shoulders of the ring would be ornately hand engraved.

The centre-piece and main cost of the ring was the diamond, so my priority was to set about researching the availability of certain ‘old’ cuts and qualities and sizes of diamonds and their relative prices so that they worked with Paul’s budget. Sourced through my pre-owned and antique jewellery dealer contact locally, I was able to search for and view the stones myself, selecting those which I thought were the best quality, cut and value. Eventually I narrowed it down to 3 different diamonds, which I photographed, sent descriptions and prices to Paul who then chose his favourite.

Once the diamond was decided upon the white gold mount and the rose gold shank could be made by hand to fit that stone. I emailed a variety of  engraving designs for the top and sides of the shoulders, and once hand engraved, finally the diamond was set. I posted the ring by Special Delivery to Pauls work address to keep it a surprise and within a couple of days I received a photograph of Hannah wearing her ring –she loved it and it fitted perfectly!

I am hoping that I will get to meet Paul and Hannah when they commission their wedding rings!