Charlotte Cornelius

We've grown into Marmion Road!

Reunited and it feels so good....! We cant wait for the whole CCltd team to be all together again in our new larger Marmion Road property which we have bought to provide a long-term home for our blossoming business! 

New Autumn Collection - Unfurled

New Autumn Collection, Unfurled - See the full range in our Southsea Boutique.  Prices start from £59, Frosted & Polished Golds rub shoulder with vibrant Sterling Silver

Jewellery and the Journey - our film!

The film reflects the different moments that people have marked with our jewellery over the years, including engagement, weddings, births and birthdays, graduation days and anniversairies. We were hugely blessed by all those who pitched in to take part; a rich mix of friends, family, colleagues and customers! It became a real community event, featuring locations ranging from Hayling Island to Eastney, Portsmouth Guildhall Square and, of course, our very own Castle Road. 

The filming process got me thinking about the landmarks in my own professional life. I recall the anticipation I felt when I placed a little ad in the local paper, and the thrill of receiving the first call enquiring about a bespoke wedding ring. Each milestone on my journey since has been unforgettable - from striking up a wonderful working relationship with a talented goldsmith, to the special day last year when we moved our of my home studio and into our boutique on the historic Castle Road, Southsea. I hope the film shows, how we have created a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. We put people front and centre, because our customers are as important to us as our jewellery. Our aim is to always have time for you, and personal guidance is as much our hallmark as exquisite quality.

We make 'Jewellery for Life' and we want to be here for you, for every special moment and milestone. For an insight into our world, you can watch our first anniversary film here or on our home page.





Rock the Casbah with our hot Winter collection

Step into the sultry world of our hot and spicy Casbah Collection. Warm saffron orange and mace pink sapphires mix with chilli red spinels and coriander leaf green tourmaline gems nestle in rich tumeric yellow 18ct Vermeil along side Kohl black and smouldering silver designs. All handcrafted to seduce your senses.

Lattice-inspired Lariats, chokers and earrings. Embellished bracelets and regal rings bejewelled with an array of spicy gemstones.

We loved the idea of using different colours and textures to emphasise the lattice effect and depth. We originally experimented with gold leaf inlaid within the segments, however we soon discovered that it did not adhere properly and although it looked really effective, it remained sticky and impermanent. So then we looked into gold plating which is something I have always avoided as I have never wanted to sell jewellery which would not last longterm. However by plating with solid 18ct yellow gold onto Sterling Silver by hand with a fine stylus attached to our electro plating machine, means that we can be assured that the gold will not get wear and tear so you can be assured of quality of the finish for many years. The technical term for gold plating onto silver is Vermeil, as it is called gold plate when onto a base metal surface. 







Our Boutique's First Anniversary Cocktail Party

We wanted to thank our wonderful customers, colleagues and neighbours for all their support as we reach our first year of opening the doors of our jewellery boutique and onsite workshop.  So this wonderful event was filled with fun and laughter as well as the opportunity to be treated to a free mini makeover, delicious gem themed cocktails, preview of our new cocktail ring collection and even the premier of our fantastic new mini film! ( as seen on our home page ) 

Bella Onda - Making Waves!

We were a little nervous and a lot excited as we hosted our private view and launch evening to unveil our most luxurious new collection to date. 

Shine Bright Like a Diamond...

It may be April's birthstone but that doesn't stop the rest of us being mesmerised by the most sought after gemstone of all time. Find out more here....



New Bespoke Jewellery Boutique

Charlotte Cornelius Jewellery Design has arrived at 66 Castle Road, Southsea!

We are so grateful for all the support we have had from beginning to end - now the hard work really starts to make our personal and handmade jewellery more accessible.

We are now open 5 days a week 10am - 6pm Tuesday - Saturday , with a late opening on Thursdays 11am- 7pm so that you can pop in after work.

We're launching our new shop in Southsea !

Thanks to Town & City magazine for a fabulous editorial article detailing exciting plans for our Bespoke Jewellery Boutique in Southsea, Hampshire.

In the meantime there is so much to plan, design and organise with all the renovations, decoration, interior layout and display to name but a few!

Our aim is to be more accessible by being open 5 days a week including a late evening and with our workshop onsite - we can't wait!

Update : Thursday 24th September - only two more days to go until our opening day of Saturday 26th September! 

We will be open 10am - 6pm with a later night opening every thursday 11am - 7pm so you can swing by after work.

We are especially excited to have our Goldsmith workshop onsite - so come and visit us soon!



How to remove a stuck wedding ring!

Find out how to remove a stuck wedding ring or any type of ring!  Click on the image above to watch this quick video. We'd love to hear from you if you have tried this - or if you want us to help you! 

Luxury Christmas Jewellery

Quote from an online customer this month on receipt of her ring above: "I have received my beautiful cocktail ring today. It looks absolutely amazing, I am really thrilled with it and will be wearing it with great pride. It is a special gift from my husband and it is perfect. You are a very talented jewellery designer. Many thanks once again , Jane x "

Then I saw this quote from Chanel on the wall of a changing room ...

It got me thinking  - did I agree with this comment?  Well when I thought about it - it has to be 'Yes" !  If you don't feel entirely comfortable then you will not project confidence and elegance and style - regardless of the brand, the materials, or how expensive your attire is! (Although there is one area where I really fall down - almost literally - and this is when it comes to wearing High Heeled Shoes - perhaps I need to re-evaluate!) So generally - I couldnt agree more with this quote from Chanel...

So - my next question to myself was... "Is this relevant to Charlotte Cornelius Jewellery ?" Again I have to agree with Chanel here. I love to imagine all of our clients throughout the years wearing their Bespoke and Ready-to-wear jewellery with great pleasure and confidence in the design and making of each individual piece. However that brought to mind the next question which was - "Conversely, could there be clients who are going through their day wearing a ring that no longer fits comfortably? Or even worse not wearing it at all because it is either swinging around loosely, or squeezing the life out of their finger which has expanded over the years?! Do you have a piece of jewellery with a setting that has been knocked and is now sharp or catching? "

This thought that well loved individually designed jewellery may be no longer feel luxurious saddens me,  so I want to take this opportunity to request that if you have a piece of Charlotte Cornelius Jewellery - however long you have owned it - and it is not 100% comfortable for whatever reason, please come back to me so that we can adjust that precious jewellery free of charge. ( Precious metal or Stone replacement will incur only a cost price) 

Whether it is a Bespoke Engagement or Wedding Ring or a Ready-to- Wear piece of jewellery of any description - please give me a call or drop in with your jewellery and we will do our utmost to reunite you with the original joy, comfort and feeling of luxury that you once had when you wore your Charlotte Cornelius Jewellery for the first time.

Autumn Wedding Fayre

Nature is our Inspiration at this time of year!  We have used our Autumnal woodland finds as a backdrop for photographing our latest handmade 'Botanical' jewellery collection. 

We will be in the countryside for our first time exhibiting our bespoke engagement and wedding rings at Old Thorns Wedding Fayre on October 5th too ...

Charlotte Cornelius Jewellery Design - Strutting our stuff!

We are busy choosing a selection of Ready-to-Wear and Bespoke Jewellery to take to House of Fraser tomorrow to accessorise the models outfits and coordinate with the themes for the show which include; Shades of Grey (I'm wondering if that's 50..?!) , A Midsummers Nights Dream ( Delicate and Ethereal?), Downton Abbey ( must be vintage style), Winter Wonderland ( Icy white stones and cool white metals such as Silver, Platinum and Palladium) and Blush ( See title image! )  Here are a few of our ideas so far...

Special Offer launched at Wedding Fair!

We are really looking forward to our first wedding fair of the year and We will be launching our very special new website promotion - I have never before given a special offer on Bespoke jewellery - so grab the opportunity!!

Do you know about Palladium?

I am often surprised how few people have heard of this lovely naturally white metal which is part of the Platinum family, so I thought some information could be particularly helpful if you are considering having an engagement ring, or wedding rings made.