Charlotte Cornelius


Commissioning step 1

The journey begins with a consultation with our Creative Director, Charlotte, where you can discuss inspiration, ideas, timescales, designs, practical considerations and proposed budget. Charlotte will show you our design portfolio for inspiration, as well as many samples that you may try on.


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Commissioning step 2

As the design develops, the technical details, materials, labour required, and sizes are calculated, so that the work can be accurately priced.  As soon as Charlotte has prepared the design sketches and sourced the materials such as a variety of gorgeous gemstones to show you, we meet again, working together to select your ideal gems, the settings and the finishes to refine your final design. This is the point where a deposit is requested to proceed with the commission.

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Commissioning step 3

Then to the bench! Working closely with our jeweller at every stage to ensure your design is meticulously crafted to your specification. Sometimes we will make a silver pattern for you to try on, and sometimes CAD (Computer Aided Design) is the best way to create an intricate master pattern which in turn becomes a one off casting. We will liaise with you along the way if further fittings or decisions are required before completion.

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Commissioning step 4

Finally, your commission is revealed! Your beautiful bespoke item of jewellery tells your own personal story and will be treasured for generations to come. We offer you a presentation drawing of the design and an insurance valuation certificate with a macro digital photograph of your jewellery included to complete your experience.

We offer a free 'service' of your item of jewellery, including cleaning, on the first anniversary of your commission and will send a reminder annually.

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